Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My post “The Feeling is Demutual” is still making the rounds of Blog Carnivals. Check these out –

* “
142nd Festival Of Frugality” at FRUGAL BABE (a rich life without a lot of money). It’s under Taxes, of course, which also has Bruce THE TAX GUY’s guest post at SAVING TO INVEST. This Carnival, or Festival, has lots of entries in a variety of categories.

* “
The Carnival of Money Stories”, the first Blog Carnival to appear at THE COPY EDITOR’S DESK. While I did not make it to “Masterpiece Theatre” I am under the category of “Courtroom Drama” (well the post does concern a court ruling).

I like how FMF’s daughter described taxes in the Masterpiece Theatre post “My Kids Tell Me Why We Pay Taxes”. As the Copyeditor says, “out of the mouth of babes . . .

* Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be in the “
29th Carnival of Money Hacks” at LIVING ALMOST LARGE, the blog of a 20-something DINK searching for true financial freedom {note – link not good until 9/10/08).

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