Saturday, October 4, 2008


No, this post is not about a 1989 martial arts movie starring Eric Roberts and James Earl Jones.

As the October 15th final deadline for filing the GD extensions fast approaches I really need to, like Winsocki, “buckle down” (I know I am dating myself here) and get ‘em done. Plus I have two of the very few corporate returns that I still do (long-time personal friends – how can I say “no”) that I want to get done by the 15th. I can no longer afford to “put off till tomorrow…”!

This means no more blogging – and no more “wandering” around the web – until I have a clean desk, at least GD extension-wise.

To fill the “pages” of THE WANDERING TAX PRO during my absence I have asked some of the blog-o-sphere’s best tax bloggers, practicing tax professionals all, to fill in for me for the week of Monday, October 6 through Friday, October 10. I have taken a cue from my special report MY BEST TAX ADVICE and asked them to each write a post on that very topic – to provide you with their Best Tax Advice.

In honor of this series I am cutting the price of MY BEST TAX ADVICE in half. For only $1.00 I will send you, as a “pdf” email attachment, MY BEST TAX ADVICE and, as a free gift, DON’T FORGET TO DEDUCT. Just send $1.00 to BEST TAX ADVICE SPECIAL, Robert D Flach LLC, PMB 411, 72 Van Reipen Avenue, Jersey City NJ 07306-2806. Like an extended 1040, your order must be postmarked by October 15th to get the 50% discount.

You are in for a real treat next week – as you will be getting the BEST OF THE BEST!

Be sure to be here Monday morning for the first guest post in the series.

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