Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Mike of THE FINANCIAL BLOGGER has just informed me that the “Money Hacks Carnival #32 – Have You Ever Edition” is now up. Lots of good “stuff”.

My Savings Bond post appears under the category “Have you ever tried to beat your brother-in-law’s investment return?

And FIRE FINANCE (feel the Financial Independence and Retire Early!) has released its rankings of personal finance blogs for September 2008, based on traffic data for August 2008. I am ranked #76 by Fire Finance, and am #54 on the list under the Sitemeter rankings. Once again I am beat out by DON’T MESS WITH TAXES, the only other tax blog I found on the list.

Before I go I just want to bring you a quote from a news article that adds to the comments in my post “
Once Again Kay Bell Is Right On The Money!

"The larger issue is the House and Senate just don't talk to one another and work out an understanding," Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus said. "They're in their little world and we're in our little world, instead of just sitting down like adults, both sides --House and Senate, and working out solutions."

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