Thursday, October 9, 2008


Unfortunately that is it for “best of the best” for now.

Silly me – if I am too busy to post because of finishing up my GD extensions what makes me think that the fellow tax professionals I asked to fill in for me were not also too similarly occupied to guest post!

Actually what I should have done was ask Personal Finance bloggers to guest post on the best tax advice they have received. An idea for a future continuation of the series.

Oh well.

Anyway - let’s recap the advice we were given.

TAXGUY Bruce -

· The appropriate tax advice is dependent on the special “facts and circumstances” of each particular situation. You must evaluate each deduction, credit, technique or strategy considered in the context of your own special individual facts and circumstances (in other words – different strokes for different folks);

· if you have dependent children look into Section 529 plans;

· consider an IRA to increase your current savings for retirement; and

· consult a professional tax preparer, if not to actually prepare your return than at least for some advice and guidance.


· make sure to keep a copy of your return and all the corresponding back-up documentation.


· the best advice for resolving your problems with the IRS is to get help from a qualified tax professional.

A special thanks to Bruce, Trish and Michael for taking the time during this busy period to help me out.

Now – back to the GD extensions.


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