Wednesday, October 15, 2008


{Oi vey! Something in the system FU-ed my Hump Day Bonus Buzz post. The following items were supposed to be included in the original post – and were when I originally published the post. I have absolutely no idea what happened.}

* Bruce of TAXGUY continues his series on “Mistakes Made When Choosing a Paid Tax Preparer” by adding more of his own 2 cents on the subject in the post “
Paying Too Little OR Too Much. . .” and adds a guest post this morning from Russ Fox, author of the TAXABLE TALK blog.

* Speaking of the “stimulus” rebate – some good news for a change. Late yesterday (Tuesday) Kelly the TAX GIRL reported that “IRS Changes Gears on Rebate Checks” with regards to “couples who did not received a rebate check due to an error matching your spouse’s married name and Social Security number”. Like the clients in my post “Royally Screwed”. The topic is also reported here.

Kelly points out – “Last month, the IRS was adamant that rebate checks would only be mailed to those who showed a perfect match. But now, without additional comment, the IRS has announced that it mail checks this month to an additional 260,000 married taxpayers whose names did not match Social Security numbers. Letters announcing the change of position will be mailed to affected taxpayers in a few days; checks should arrive by the end of the month.”

Actually, this is not news to me. As I reported in my post “From the Horse’s Mouth” Lyle Lauterbach, the head of the NJ office of the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service, told the NJ chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals’ Annual Meeting and Conference last month that “the IRS has been dealing with the problem of a non-matching name and Social Security number as it relates to the economic ‘stimulus’ rebate and expects to have a solution by October – so those who had been RS-ed could possibly receive a rebate check in November.”

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