Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow is Election Day. While every Election Day is important this one is especially so because it is a Presidential Election.

It is also especially important for the residents of my home state of New Jersey.

Grease is not the word for this Election Day in New Jersey. GRIP is the word – as in Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians.

The State of New Jersey will remain in the tops of lists like the most expensive states to live in or highest taxed states or states with the worst business climate as long as we continue to vote in the same greedy hogs that are sucking the state dry each and every election.

We must send a Network-like message of “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore” by voting the bastards out!

Tomorrow New Jersey residents must go to the polls and, after making their choice for President, vote against every single incumbent candidate in every local, county, and statewide race in New Jersey.

This goes for the candidates for Congress as well. After all they all started as part of a local political machine.

It is very important for NJ residents to vote GRIP tomorrow. A very high percentage of NJ voters are either employed by a state, county or local government or a close relative of such an employee. This block will always vote to keep the current crooks in office to maintain the symbiotic relationship between the hogs at the trough in Trenton and elsewhere and state, county and municipal employees and their unions. So every opposition vote counts.

We will never end double and triple-dipping in the state pension and benefit plans by politicians and their spouses with multiple show and no-show jobs, six-figure payments for accrual of bogus unused sick days by retiring school superintendents and other government employees (Superintendents of Schools in NJ are never sick – they just may be “working at home” on certain days), and other expensive abuses by keeping the same pigs in office. Their only goal is to maintain the status quo.

So tomorrow “Get A Grip” and start to take the power out of the hand of the state and local political bosses and put it back where it belongs – in the hands of the voters!


PS- Click here for another online posting about GRIP.

PPS- Before I leave the subject of tomorrow’s election – on the Presidential front, Russ Fox has an excellent post on “The President and Taxes” over at TAXABLE TALK that you all should read before going to the polls.

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