Saturday, December 20, 2008


And so my series of guest posts on Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed at CASH MONEY LIFE has ended. Thanks to Patrick for having me. I hope you have been following the series and found it helpful.

Here is a good companion post to my series, actually written prior to my guest posts, from Patrick himself – “Year-End Retirement Plan Moves”.

Speaking of guest posts, I have one titled “Tax Planning 101” scheduled to appear at LIVING ALMOST LARGE on December 26th. I will remind you when it is up. Be sure to check it out.

Before I go let me thank all the other tax and personal finance bloggers who featured my guest posts on their blogs in 2008, as well as those who provided guest posts for THE WANDERING TAX PRO.

I am always available (well not always – not during the tax season) to provide a guest post or series of posts on a tax topic for your blog, and fellow bloggers are always welcome to submit guest posts on tax topics to me to be considered for TWTP.

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