Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here are 2 new Blog Carnival for me. I am a little late in reporting on them as I was not notified via email of my inclusion, as is usually the case.

(1) “
Working at Home Blog Carnival-115th Edition” at, appropriately, the WORKING AT HOME ON THE INTERNET blog. My post on “Keeping Track of Business Expenses” appears under “Business”.

(2) “123 of Investing and Financial Planning” at THE MONEY MANIAC (Your Investment and Personal Financial Planning Adviser). Here my post “That Time of Year Again” on year-end tax planning appears under “Personal Finance”.


Dan Meyer said...

Do you have an overall up-to-date list of personal finance oriented carnivals? I am familar with the Carnivals of Frugality, Personal Finance and Taxes but I am probably behind on some of the newer carnivals. Thanks!

Robert D Flach said...


You can try this direct link -

If that does not work go to and click on the Blog Carnival Index link at the top of the page. At the index page select the category "Money and Finance".