Friday, February 27, 2009


As I have mentioned back at the beginning of February, I barely have enough time to relieve myself let alone blog during the tax filing season (Feb 1 – April 15). Any ASK THE TAX PRO questions submitted via email and any Comments that include a specific question are stored away in a file for response sometime AFTER April 15th!

While you can’t ASK THE TAX PRO your pressing tax questions during the season (unless you are a client - and read my lips NO MORE CLIENTS) you can turn to fellow tax-blogger Roni Deutch, aka THE TAX LADY, and ASK THE TAX LADY.

Roni has become a weekly contributor on CNBC's "On the Money" program in a segment called "Ask the Tax Lady," where viewers get to call in and get their questions answered.

You can submit your question online at
See - I am thinking about you!



Anonymous said...

Good luck with your tax stuff. I just found your blog via Wisebread's top 100 pf blogs! Keep up the good work!

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

You're in the home stretch!