Monday, June 22, 2009


Regulation of unenrolled tax preparers has certainly become a hot topic among tax bloggers. Here are some more posts on the topic -
* Pete Pappas adds to the debate with a direct response to one of Joe Kristan's posts on the subject in "Tax Preparer Regulation: A Response to Joe Kristan" at the TAX LAWYER'S BLOG. Pete joins me on the pro-regulation side of the issue. Joe Kristan has promised that his return volley is forthcoming.
* Bruce the taxguy also throws in his 2 cents in "Tax Preparer Registration", also joining me on the pro side. This post is a good source of links to most previous blogs in the debate.
* While not directly responding to the issue of regulating unenrolled preparers, Monica Lawver, THE TAX CPA, comes to the conclusion that "we can regulate behavior, but not motivation" in "Regulation Won't Work".
Have any Personal Finance bloggers weighed in on this topic? I would be interested in hearing a "consumer's" point of view.

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