Friday, July 24, 2009


+ My post “1040 FYI - GROSS PROCEEDS AND COST BASIS” appears under the category “Investing” in the “Carnival of Everything About Personal Finance – 6th Edition” at NIL2MILLION.COM.

The same post is also included in the “98th Carnival of Financial Planning” at LIVING ALMOST LARGE, way down at the bottom under “Taxes”. Actually, like Oliver Twist, I am last on the list – saving the best for last I guess.

And it is also in “Money Hacks Carnival #74 – Saturday Morning Cartoons Edition” over at $UBURBAN DOLLAR. It is the only entry under “Taxes” in the “GI Joe” grouping.

+ “License and Registration, Please”, an adaptation of one of my initial TWTP posts on the subject of regulating unenrolled tax practitioners, appears in the View Point column of the Summer 2009 issue of the National Association of Tax Professional’s quarterly TAXPRO JOURNAL!

This item was written at the beginning of the debate on registering and licensing tax professionals. Much more has been added to the discussion by me since its writing

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