Saturday, July 18, 2009


It appears that most of the BUZZ for the week occurred in the beginning of the week. This is what I get for doing a Wednesday BUZZ.

* The Tax Foundation announces the publication of a new “Fiscal Fact” which discusses two previous tax-related court cases where Judge Sotomayor participated in “Report Looks at Past Sotomayor Tax Decisions” at the TAX POLICY BLOG.

* Kay Bell brings us the distressing news that “State + Federal Health Tax = 50%-Plus Rate” under proposed House bill H.R. 3200, “America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009”.

A related article from the New York Post reports that a “Terrifying 57% Tax Looms For Biggest Earners” in New York City!

* Want to know “How to Apply for Social Security Benefits”? Kristine McKinley tells you how at her YOUR GUIDE TO SOCIAL SECURITY RETIREMENT INCOME blog.

* I had a very interesting discussion on licensure of unenrolled tax practitioners with Charles E McCabe, founder of The Income Tax School in the comments section of my Friday post on “A LITTLE THIS-A AND A LITTLE THAT-A – WITH THE EMPHASIS ON THE LATTA”.

It seems we share the same views on many aspects of this issue, including the belief that the AICPA is against registration of unenrolled preparers because they “view IRS licensed preparers as a potential threat to sustaining their market share”.

Check out our comments and join in the discussion if you wish, as long as you remain civil.


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