Sunday, August 9, 2009


While I check many tax blogs daily (except, of course, during the tax season), BARGAINEERING (the blog formerly known as BLUEPRINT FOR FINANCIAL PROSPERITY) - a personal finance blog started four years ago by Jim Wang from Baltimore, MD as a twenty-something recent university grad with the goal of educating both himself and others about complicated topics in the personal finance world - is the only personal finance blog that I follow regularly. I have referenced posts from this blog often in my weekly BUZZ.

Jim recently went off on vacation "across the pond", but before doing so he put out a call for guest posts. I responded to the call and was honored when Jim asked me to write a tax-related post. We decided on the subject of “A Tax Deductible Vacation”.

Jim left for London without telling me when my guest post was scheduled, but I just discovered upon my return from Pennsylvania that it went up on August 6th. Click here to read it.

After you have finished reading “A Tax Deductible Vacation” I suggest you also check out the post “My Momma Told Me You Better Shop Around” over at my NJ TAX PRACTICE blog. There is a connection.

You should also check out “Will the IRS Help Pay for Your Vacation?” by Joe Kristan at IOWA BIZ as a companion post.


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