Monday, September 14, 2009


I realize that it is a bit early – but do you want to know what I want for Christmas? I would like all the steaming piles of excrement of the “reality tv” genre banned from broadcast and cable television by the FCC.

Granted “little people”, while faced with some unique challenges, are just like anyone else, and have families and lives just like anyone else. But I do not want to watch them go about their everyday life.

I do not want to watch a woman give birth, or a family raise children.

I do not want to watch the lower classes bicker at work, whether at a beauty parlor or a tattoo parlor or anyplace else.

I do not want to watch brain dead college drop-outs living and playing together.

I do not want to watch the work and personal lives of anyone unfold, regardless of their level of income or degree of celebrity.

I do not want to watch total idiots degrade themselves for the sake of greed or to get a mate.

And what’s with all these “Real Housewives” shows? Who gives a rat’s arse about the private lives and infighting of self-absorbed spoiled surgically-enhanced trophy wives?

Pardon my “French”, but there is really no other word that describes what America has mis-named reality television than shit – human excrement.

At its worst it is gross (and bad) soft-core pornography (i.e. the VH1, MTV, and E! offerings) and at its basic bad it is people of low intelligence and no self-esteem being humiliated. None of these offerings have an ounce of entertainment, educational, or socially redeeming value. And I challenge anyone to provide an intelligent explanation otherwise.

So Santa, do you have any pull at the FCC?


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Mary O'Keeffe said...

Easy to do that--I don't see any of that stuff on TV. How do I manage that? I watch TV exactly twice a year: midnight on New Year's eve (to watch the ball drop) and the National Spelling Bee on ESPN in June.