Friday, September 11, 2009


Police Officer Maurice Barry
PATH Emergency Service Unit
P.O. Shield #1038
A Port Authority officer for 16 years, Maurice "Moe" Barry, 48, was assigned to the PATH commuter train system. The resident of Rutherford, NJ, upon hearing the reports of the terrorist attacks, was one of the first on scene when he rushed from Jersey City to Lower Manhattan and then into the North Tower to help in the rescue efforts. As thousands fled the searing flames and smoke of the Towers, Officer Barry was attempting to reach trapped and frightened workers on the upper floors. The last time he was seen, he was on his way to the higher floors to get people out.
Moe had a history of heroism - he was involved in rescue efforts during an airplane crash at La Guardia airport; he once climbed a bridge to retrieve the body of a person electrocuted there; he was involved in the rescue effort during the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center; and he rescued a woman from her home, by boat, during
Hurricane Floyd. Moe was also a volunteer for the Rutherford Ambulance Corps.
Moe was a longtime friend and client. He would always come in on the last day to have his tax return prepared. We knew the season was over when Moe came in the door. One year he came in on April 10th and we told him to go home and come back on the 15th.
In memory of Moe I no longer work on 1040s on April 15th (or whatever is the last day of tax filing season).


Robert D Flach said...

It turned out that Moe and I both graduated from Dickinson High School in Jersey City in 1971, but, as the graduating class totaled close to 600, our paths had never crossed.

We only discovered this fact many years later, after I was handed my mentor’s practice, when Moe noticed a plaque hung on the wall in the office that identified Dickinson and the Class of 1971.


Monica Lawver said...

Thank you for sharing that. As painful as it is to truly remember, I believe it's absolutely necessary that we do. We must honor them each and every year. Thank you for doing that.