Monday, November 2, 2009


Attention New Jersey voters -

Regardless of how attractive a candidate you may find Chris Daggett, or how sick you are of both political parties, or how much you want to send a message by supporting a “third-party” candidate – and I do sympathize to some degree on all counts - it is very important that you remember that the goal of this election is to vote Governor Jon Corzine out of office.

While I do not think that Daggett was put up as a candidate by the Democrats as a “spoiler” (nor that it is just his ego at work like Ralph Nader), he has become just that. Unfortunately a vote for Chris Daggatt will end up a vote for Jon “the biggest disappointment” Corzine.

If we want to make a start at ending the rampant legal and illegal political corruption in New Jersey, perhaps the most politically corrupt state in the union, we must make sure that Corzine becomes a one-term governor. Granted that Chris Christie is basically a “one-hit wonder”. But that one hit is successfully prosecuting corrupt New Jersey politicians – and I can think of no other “hit” that is more appropriate.

I also cannot think of a single reason why any New Jersey resident who is not a direct beneficiary of the state’s political corruption would want four more years of Corzine. He has done absolutely nothing to make New Jersey any better than it was before he took office. He has not kept the promises he made during his first campaign. He is truly, as the ads say, a FAILURE.

Many different studies and lists compiled by many different organizations tell us that New Jersey is the most expensive state in the US to live in, with the highest taxes, and is the worst state in the US in which to do business. Residents of NJ know this to be true.

To make more than just a start at ending corruption and fixing the mess in New Jersey you must also get a GRIP and vote out any incumbent politician that is running for re-election.

As you go to the polls keep repeating this phrase to yourself – GET RID OF INCUMBENT POLITICIANS!

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