Thursday, November 12, 2009


I welcome comments to my posts here at TWTP and at the NJ TAX PRACTICE BLOG.

If you like TWTP or NJTPB and agree with the information, advice or opinion expressed in a post please tell me so – and tell me why you agree.

For example - “I enjoyed your post on XYZ. I have found in my X0 years as a “cranist” that . . . .”

But do NOT use praise or agreement as an attempted “foot in the door” to introduce what is really an ad for your site or product.

The following comment is a “no-no” and will not be published -

“I really enjoy reading The Wandering Tax Pro. Did you know that you can get JOE’S WONDER DRUG for a deep discount at”

You can discuss a particular product or website, whether your own or someone else’s, if it truly applies to the topic discussed and adds to the discussion.

If you disagree with any information, advice or opinion expressed in a post you are also encouraged to tell me so. I want to know if my thinking or advice is incorrect – but be sure to explain in detail why you disagree with the information provided or an opinion expressed or why you find my advice faulty.

And please address the issue. Do not simply comment that because I do not agree with what you believe I must be incompetent or misguided or an idiot. Tell me why you think as you do and why you believe what I have said is incorrect, faulty or misguided.

Do not be concerned if your comment does not appear immediately. I “moderate” all comments to weed out spam and blatant attempts at free advertising. If your negative comment is not immediately published do not automatically assume that I am censoring your opinion. I do have a business and a life, and I do not sit in front of the computer all day waiting for your comment to arrive. I will check and make a decision on your comment when it is convenient to my business and personal schedule.

If I receive a comment that I feel requires a response I may wait until I have composed my response so that I can publish the comment and my reply at the same time.

A while back I encouraged “readers” to submit questions to a weekly “Ask the Tax Pro” feature, and I actually had a separate ASK THE TAX PRO blog for a time. Unfortunately this free service was abused, as most the questions submitted either as a comment or via email were from individuals looking for free specific tax advice.

While I appreciate your confidence in my opinion as an experienced tax professional - I no longer solicit or accept tax questions, either via comment or email.

If you need further clarification on information, advice or an opinion in a post you are certainly welcome to submit a comment saying – “I do not understand how you determine . . . .” or the like and I will very probably publish and respond to the comment.

Or you can send me an email asking that I write a post on a specific tax topic, and I will seriously consider the request. If the topic had been covered in an earlier post I will so advise you, with an appropriate link, via return email.

So comments and emails containing tax questions will generally be ignored without notice.

Many of the questions I do receive arrive during the “tax filing season” of February 1 through April 15 – a period when I am “on hiatus” and do not post to either blog. All questions submitted during this period will certainly be totally ignored – comments rejected and emails deleted unread.

There are other tax blogs that do respond to tax questions, most year-round – such as the regular “Ask the taxgirl” feature by Kelly Phillips Erb at or the “Tax Quips” from Tax Mama Eve Rosenberg at You can also “Ask the Tax Lady” Roni Deutch at

And please – submit your comments in ENGLISH, preferably that of the King. I am constantly receiving comments to a specific post that I think is some kind of porno spam in Japanese. While I do understand certain words and phrases in some foreign languages (although not Japanese) I do not have the time to waste interpreting comments to see if they are appropriate – and I would definitely not publish a comment written in a foreign language.

So comment away – but be appropriate and reasonable. Tell me that I am right or that I am wrong – but tell me why.

Any comments?



Joe Kristan said...

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Anonymous said...

your blog is very comfortable

Kevin Thurman said...

I like your blog but don't like your use of "GD" to describe extensions. It is just so unnecessary

Robert D Flach said...


Hey - GD extensions is better than MF extensions!