Monday, December 14, 2009


I am getting tired wasting valuable time deleting the multitude of spam posts that are constantly being submitted to both THE WANDERING TAX PRO and the NJ TAX PRACTICE BLOG.

I have disabled the COMMENT process on these two blogs.

If you want to make a legitimate comment on a post you can do so by sending an email to with “THE WANDERING TAX PRO COMMENT” or ‘NJ TAX PRACTICE BLOG COMMENT” in the “Subject Line”.

I will periodically publish a “mailbag” post with all legitimate and appropriate comments and my responses thereto.

Please do not abuse my email address by sending me specific tax questions that should be addressed to your tax professional. I do not provide free tax consultations via email. And, so that you know, I am not accepting any new clients.

The criteria for “legitimate” and “appropriate” comments have not changed. To refresh your memory reread the following –


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.