Friday, January 15, 2010


Looks like I published my comments post too soon. More comments have come in this morning.

Here is one from an Enrolled Agent about the IRS Return Preparer Review -


I’m a recent follower of your blog and have been enjoying it. I just wanted to throw out there that I think the Tax Preparer Review process that is being initiated by the IRS is much needed and welcomed! I worked hard to achieve my Enrolled Agent status and am proud of it. Nothing upsets me more than having to help my clients clean up messes from other preparers who obviously had no business preparing that return.

This will change my particular portion of the tax world immensely and I welcome it.

Thanks for your insights!


Thanks for the comment, Elizabeth. I wonder how many messes you had to clean up from other preparers were caused by CPAs?

Ask and ye shall receive! Elizabeth provided an answer (highlights are mine) –

I have had to clean up several from CPA’s. We do have lots of good CPA’s in our town but just as many not so good ones. I clean up a lot of returns that people have decided to prepare for themselves. That is probably the majority of mistake returns I see. CPA’s are probably next. Then the H&R Block’s and Liberty returns and other Jackson Hewitt returns.”


I also received an email concerning the New York Department of Taxation and Finance from a colleague in NYC who tells me “This came to me indirectly from a reliable, source” –

As we gear up for the opening of e-file, please be aware that there may be delays for some taxpayers with their NYS refunds.

Refunds for wage earners will be held until all their employers have filed their NYS-45 year end wage report. They are not sending refunds to them until they are able to verify their wages and withholding. If you have a taxpayer with several w-2s, this could take time for them to match all w-2 info on their return

I had previously reported that New York State is already going to delay the processing of all returns that do not request direct deposit for refunds. And now this!