Wednesday, May 5, 2010


* The IRS HITMAN provides a list of celebrities who owe Uncle Sam in "The IRS-Hitman Celebrity Hit List

* I have come across a new, to me at least, tax blog via a “tweet”. provides free tax advice. A recent example is “Tax Aspects of Providing Foster Care”.

* I just heard that “The Internal Revenue Service will host a special nationwide Open House on Saturday May 15 to help small businesses and individuals solve tax problems”.

According to the Service, “Approximately 200 IRS offices, at least one in every state, will be open May 15 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time. IRS staff will be available on site or by telephone to help taxpayers work through their problems and walk out with solutions.”

Click here to read the IRS press release and find the locations of the participating IRS offices.

* Kay Bell tells us that the “Estate Tax is Still Dead, But Dual Options for Heirs Being Considered” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

* And speaking of Kay - be sure to check out her “Tax Carnival #70: May Day”. Nothing from me this time, but I will be sure to be included in the next one.

* The April 30th issue of THE KIPLINGER TAX LETTER closes with some good news. According to the Kiplinger Washington Editors – “Recent talk about imposing a value-added-tax is just that: Talk”.

Kiplinger thinks that “there’s no way Congress will pass it in the next few years”.

I assume you have guessed that I am against a VAT in the US.

* BTW, Brian O’Connell discusses the VAT in detail at “What a Value-Added Tax Means” over at MAINSTREET.COM.

* And speaking of MAINSTREET.COM – check out my tax tip “Get Tax Credits for Summer Camps”.

* Dr Jean Murray has begun a series of posts on Starting A Business over at JEAN’S BUSINESS LAW/TAXES: US BLOG. She begins with “First Step in Starting a Business - Select Your Business Name”.

* The NEW YORK TIMES reports on an interesting tax deduction in “Tax Break for Erotica? A Museum Favors It”.