Thursday, September 30, 2010


On Tuesday (September 28th) I made my first attempt to “fabreze” my PTIN online as part of the new tax preparer regulation regime.

Before I could submit the PTIN application I first had to create an “account”. I completed this process and was “told” that I would receive an email from the IRS with a temporary password for my account.

It never came!

Two hours later I went online to try again, stating that I needed help with my password when “logging in”. After properly answering the security question I had established in my initial try I was again “told” that I would receive an email with a new password.

It never came!

I gave up for the day.

On Wednesday morning I repeated what I had tried on Tuesday – began the log-in process and indicated that I needed help with my password. I was again told that an email was forthcoming – and this time it promptly arrived in my in-box!

I could now successfully log-on to my account to begin the process of the PTIN application.

However this time, no matter how I configured my name and address, I was told the information did not match my 2009 income tax return. I finally came to the conclusion that this was because I had entered my full middle name – David – when creating my account, as I had been asked, but had used only the middle initial – D – on my 2009 tax return. I made the change to my account and tried again – but this time I was told that I had used up my allotted attempts to register and would have to try again in 24 hours.

It is now Thursday – the third day of my attempt to register online.

I logged in successfully and continued on with the previously failed application – but again, no matter how I configured my name and address I was told that what I had entered did not match. I double-checked, and my Social Security number and date of birth was entered correctly in the correct format.

One of the problems concerned how I was asked the address used on my 2009 tax return. The first question was “Street Name” – not “Street Address”. I entered the name of the street on which I live without any number. The next line asked for the 1st line of my street address – and I provided both the street number and the street name. I also tried this configuration by entering the full street number and name on the line that asked for only the “Street Name”.

After my third unsuccessful re-attempt to properly configure the address from my tax return I just gave up. I have decided to submit a written application via the new Form W-12.

I am not alone in my frustration. Russ Fox of TAXABLE TALK fame also did not get an email with his temporary password until the second day of trying – although he was finally able to submit the application. See his posts here and here. There are also several “Discussion Boards” at the National Association of Tax Professional’s “Member2Member” talking about application FUs.

Trying to register for a PTIN online has been a real PITA!



dbltall said...

I managed to get it to work by putting the street address in the Address 1st line and leaving the Street Name line blank, after trying with the street name on the Street Name line didn't work, and with varying configurations of my address. Apt instead of # was the key, apparently. They sure make it difficult for people who are desperately trying to give them money!

Anonymous said...

I took care of my PTIN registration the other night and did not have any of the issues I have been hearing about. It went well and I recieved the same PTIN that I have had for a number of years now.

I will say that the initial password email did go to my spam folder. This seems to be because the email did not appear to be comming from the name that appears in the header. The email program didn't trust it so it assumed it was spam. I hope this will help others avoid some of the frustrations invovled in this process.

"M" a$ Money said...

I did receive my temp password, but didn't finish the process as I've moved... With what you're saying regarding the street address, name, etc, I'm wondering if I should just submit the W-12 form. I researched it on Tuesday, and it wasn't available yet. I wonder how long it will take for IRS to put it up online... Haven't checked today if it's available. I figured, I'd give them some time... ;) Let's hope it'll work... Agree with you, though, it's SUCH a PITA!