Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This message cannot be repeated often enough – so please bear with me if you are tired of seeing or hearing it.

If you receive any notice or correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service or a resident or non-resident state tax agency SEND IT TO YOUR TAX PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY! And preferably send the original via postal mail – to avoid problems with email attachments or faxes that are difficult to read.

Do not waste time attempting to call or email your tax pro first to say, “I got a letter from the IRS. What should I do?”

In every single situation the tax pro is going to say SEND ME THE NOTICE!

So just do it!

‘Nuff said!


Peter Reilly said...

I somethimes have them read it to me just to calm them down. Also if their "tax pro" is someone they haven't done business with for a while they may also want to have somebody else look at it. They may have lucked into one of the preparers that is being encouraged by the IRS to take up a new trade. Finally, I don't ever want somebody to send me the only copy of anything.

Robert D Flach said...

Peter makes a good point that I left out of my post.

Make a photocopy of the notice before putting it in the envelope to your tax pro.

While I have had good experience with the PO over the years - you never can tell when they will lose, or totally mangle, an envelope.

Thanks, PR!


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