Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The teaser in the upper right-hand corner of today’s USA TODAY announced “Snooki’s an author”.

Yeah, right. If Spooki is an author I am the new quarterback for the NY GIANTS!

Some, I expect uncredited, “collaborator” hack most likely spit out the garbage in a few hours one afternoon.

Spooki can hardly put two sentences together properly. I didn’t know she could read, let alone write.

Those of you who “get” the title of this post know what I think should be done with this book.

In order to write a book one needs some kind of knowledge. The only knowledge associated with Snooki, and her “co-stars” on THE JERSEY SHORE, is carnal. I can think of some handbooks she might write.

Snooki recently joined a new trade union created for “stars” of MTV, E!, and VH1 reality shows and network shows like THE BACHELOR and THE BACHELORETTE – the National Association of Reality Television Sluts and Skanks (NARTSS). Hey – they don’t belong in AFTRA!


The IRS Hitman said...

It won't be long 'til we write about her and her co-stars owing the IRS.

(Maybe they already do or have, I don't know, makes me a little sick so I won't look in on that.)

If the book sells well I'll lose a little hope for this great Nation of ours...

Robert D Flach said...


I am surprised that more of the idiots of reality tv haven't followed in the footsteps of Richard Hatch.