Friday, January 7, 2011


National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olsen believes the time for tax reform is now! (see my post on her recent report to Congress – click here). She is encouraging a serious dialog on the issue.

To help this dialogue along, the Taxpayer Advocate Service has established a vehicle to receive taxpayers’ suggestions about tax reform. You can go to the TAS website and provide your recommendations for tax reform.

We ask that you approach this with the frame of mind that everything – even the tax breaks that benefit you or your businesses personally – should be on the table. What would you be willing to give up if you knew that others are giving up their breaks and the end result would be a much simpler system? What particular provisions of the existing tax system are especially burdensome or seem particularly unfair? So, let us know. We promise to track these suggestions and post them periodically, thereby helping to further the cause of tax reform and tax simplification.”

To submit your comments on this issue click here. Or you can submit your suggestions via email to

I will be preparing my comments and submitting them sometime in the next week, and will publish them here as well.

BTW – Here is the dedication from Nina’s recent Report to Congress -

This year’s report is dedicated to the hardy souls who have worked actively over the years for tax reform and tax simplification, and to the busy majority of U.S. taxpayers who are cheering for them to succeed.”

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