Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So the tax season is 1/5 over (so to speak – this year the end is not April 15, or for me April 14, but April 18, for me April 17).

The season started out a bit slow, as I may have mentioned. But the floodgates have opened. This past week-end (Friday thru Sunday) I received 35 returns for the “to be done” box.

So Where the Fakawi? I have 50 returns “under my belt”. As has been the case for the past few seasons, there have been some surprise early birds this year. And I have either done, received a package from, made arrangements with, or at least heard from 35% of my mailing list. There are only 2 “red files” (both from same family) – and I just need to call for three quick answers.

My car is no longer buried or stuck in the ice! Piles of snow are still all around – so I won’t have to worry about moving the car for street cleaning yet for a few more weeks.

A reminder to my clients – today is Wednesday and, as such, I am locked BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. I will be unavailable and inaccessible today (and every Wednesday) – so don’t call (the phone is turned off) or think of stopping by.

BTW – I have been informed that “Tax Carnival #81: We ♥ Heart ♥ Taxes” is up at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

Kay ends the carnival with -

And we close out this tax love fest with a post that takes its theme from another beloved holiday.

Robert D Flach offers us The Twelve Days of Tax Season, posted at THE WANDERING TAX PRO


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