Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here is the first of this type of post - mainly for my 1040 clients.

So it has been a full 7 days since the beginning of the tax filing season (in my book). Let us see “where the fakawi”.

The season got off to a bit of a slow start, I expect due to the snow, but it is beginning to pick up.

I have already done 20 returns (3 of which were prior years).

At end of business yesterday I had 7 returns in the “to be done” box – and none in the “red file” (need more information).

I have heard from a sizable percentage of my client list already.

FYI – I do not go to my “mail drop” to pick up returns daily. At this point I only go when my “to be done” box is empty.

Remember – tomorrow is Wednesday. And every Wednesday of the tax season is BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WEDNESDAY – I am unavailable and inaccessible. Do not call or email me on Wednesdays.

I will report back on further progress at end of business on February15th.


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