Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Time for another WTF update!

• I completed just over 100 returns in February.

• As of this writing I have either completed the return of, received the “stuff” of, made arrangements with, or heard from about 57% of my client mailing list.

• There are very few “red files” – and as soon as the missing info arrives I finish the return.

The “to be done” box is truly “chock-a-block”. Hopefully things will be quiet for the next two weeks and I will be able to attack the pile with minimal distractions or interruptions.

FYI, with minimal exceptions, I will not begin work on a return received in March until all of the returns received in February are addressed.

I may again decide to extend a BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WEDNESDAY through Friday to make a dent.

Talk to you again at the half-way mark.


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