Saturday, April 23, 2011


Buzz – Buzz – The Buzz is back! I was good to get back to visiting the tax blogosphere.

* Peter Reilly tells us about the holiday that extended this year’s tax season by three days in “Happy Emancipation Day” at PASSIVE ACTIVITIES AND OTHER OXYMORONS.

He ends the post with “I'm looking forward to the return of
The Wandering Tax Pro”. It is nice to know that I was missed.

* While April 15th was Emancipation Day, Trish McIntire tells us, in “Tax Freedom Day” at OUR TAXING TIMES, that -

According to the Tax Foundation, April 12th is Tax Freedom Day for 2011. This is the day that the average American has earned the money to pay all their federal, state and local taxes for the year. This isn't your actual, personal taxes for the year but the national average for the year. The Tax Foundation also breaks it down by state.”

Tax Freedom Day for residents of New Jersey is yet to come – April 29th. No surprise that it is the second latest state Tax Freedom Day, being beaten for last place by Connecticut on May 2nd.

* Did you follow my TAX TIP columns at during my tax season posting hiatus? The final entry is “How Long to Keep a Copy of Your Tax Records”.

* Check out the April 20 TIP OF THE DAY titled “Matching Expense Records” at the SMALL BUSINESS TAXES AND MANAGEMENT site.

* The Tax Foundation’s “Monday Map” for this past Monday at the TAX POLICY BLOG is about “State Sales Tax Rates”. It shows “state sales tax rates as of January 1st of this year. This includes only the statewide rate. Many cities and towns impose a local rate on top of the statewide rate, which is not reflected in these numbers.”

* Joe Kristan responds to my Thursday post about sending tax returns via certified mail being a waste of money with “Chasing Pennies With Dollars” at the ROTH AND COMPANY TAX UPDATE BLOG. Be sure to read the comments.

* Kay Bell, the Yellow Rose of Taxes, tells us that “N.C. Storm Victims Get State and Federal Tax Relief, Extended Deadlines” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

* Janet Novack, who writes the TAXING MATTERS blog at, is holding a contest to determine "The Most Confusing Part Of The Income Tax Code”.

Janet points out that “
the basic 1040 instruction booklet now runs to 179 pages and National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson has branded tax complexity the most serious problem facing taxpayers”.

Go to Janet’s blog to cast your vote.

* Jim Wang, author of the BARGAINEERING blog, writes on “Presidential Tax Returns: Obama vs. Bush vs. Clinton” at MSN MONEY.

As Jim explains – “I'm going to compare President Obama’s return with the returns of former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, using their first year in office.”

* Check out Joseph J. Thorndike’s post “Think Taxes are Too Complicated? They Thought So in 1915, Too” at TAX.COM.

Here is what one lawyer had to say about the relatively new federal income tax back in 1915 –

"It is so complicated that it is utterly impossible to understand its meaning save by consulting a palmist."

* I am not the only one who thinks that the members of Congress are idiots. Felicia Sonmez reports in 2CHAMBERS (Inside the 112th Congress), a Washington Post blog, that “Congressional Approval Rating Down Since January”.

Felicia tells us that “Seventeen percent of adults polled by Gallup approve of the job Congress is doing”. If 17% approve that means that 83% disapprove.

The post points out –

Congress’s 17-percent rating in the latest poll is lower than the approval rating for any other Congress in the April after a House election.”

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Great to have you back Bob. Don't forget you promised to weigh in on the parsonage exclusion.