Monday, August 1, 2011


++ Fools to the left or me, jokers to the right!

One of the things that John Stewart’s THE DAILY SHOW on Comedy Central does so well is string together groupings of clips of politicians of the same party, or newscasters, commentators and pundits of the same political bias - whether Republican or Democrat or liberal or conservative - all saying, word for word, the exact same phrase or statement (regardless of whether the statement is actually true) over and over. It is as if they are all reading verbatim from a script.

This technique clearly demonstrates that these people are totally incapable of independent thought. They must be told what to think and say by political bosses and consultants.

Is anyone else reminded of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS?

It is obvious that these people are idiots. Or perhaps arseholes is a better description.

{Perhaps not. On one hand the arsehole performs an important function in the operation of the human body. But on the other hand the function of the arsehole is the expelling of excrement.}

I would like all of my readers to take a pledge. Regardless of your individual political affiliation or persuasion I want you to pledge that in the next few federal elections you will vote against any incumbent Congressperson.

Let’s throw the bums out on their arses!

++ I thought of another reason why a tax preparer needs to have the previous year’s tax return in front of him/her when preparing the current returns (see my post “When Going To A New Tax Preparer Be Sure To Provide Copies Of Prior Year’s Returns”).

Let me quote a story I told in a post from 2006 –

During my early years you were also not required to list the Social Security number for dependents claimed on your return. One year a married client, let's call him John and call his wife Mary, left his "stuff" off at the office, which included a handwritten sheet listing, among other deductions, "dependents" John, Mary, Paul and George. The college student who prepared the return that year (not me) listed as dependents John, Mary, Paul and George. The client received the refund requested on the return without question.

The next year John came in and stayed while I prepared the return. I asked if he was still claiming his four kids, John, Mary, Paul and George, and he told me that he only had two children - Paul and George! It appears that the student who had prepared the previous return had forgotten our first, and most important, rule of tax preparation - always review the prior year's return when preparing the current 1040

FYI – the post pointed out “At the recent IRS Tax Forum it was reported that in the first year you were required to list a Social Security number for all of your dependents about 5 Million dependents disappeared from tax returns”.


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