Monday, September 19, 2011


So far my laptop is working great! 

While I laid out more money that I wanted in the process, I expect that I will recoup this in the long run.  I do expect to see some good savings on my electric bill. 

It starts up right away – and I am online in about a minute or so.  I fly from page to page on the internet, faster than ever.  I have no problem watching streaming movies and tv episodes online, and I am sorry I cancelled my Netflix online viewing option. 

I have surprised myself and become comfortable using my finger instead of a mouse to move my cursor.  While I do miss a “normal” keyboard, I am getting used to the laptop version.

The computer was outfitted with the latest version of WINDOWS and WORD.  I like some of the new features of WINDOWS, and am learning and getting used to the new WORD updates as I go along.

I am back to my normal daily wandering of the internet, specifically the tax blogosphere, and have returned to posting at TWTP and the NJ TAX PRACTICE BLOG.  A new mid-week BUZZ installment will be up on Wednesday.

My only problem comes with my General Ledger program.  I left my old tower with the Geeks at BEST BUY and instructed them to transfer certain specific programs, including my WORD. picture inventory, directly to the computer, which putting everything else on a separate drive.

When I first got home and checked out the computer I found that nothing from the old computer was available on the laptop.  Apparently everything was on the drive.  I have been able to access my old WORD documents and pictures, but have been unsuccessful with the general ledger program.

One Write Plus (no longer published) is not listed anywhere on the Program menu from the drive – but I did discover that it is in there via a search.  However I cannot open the program to access previously entered data for my business clients (and my own business).  It indicates a “path” for the program, but says the path does not exist.

I backed up all the appropriate companies before getting my new computer, so I tried to install the OWP program on the laptop, after which I would attempt to restore the info from the backup disc.  But the laptop keeps “spitting out” the installation disc.  I also tried the back-up disc for one company while the drive was plugged in – but that, too, was spit out.

I cannot complete my two pending corporate returns, now past due (not really due to Hurricane relief) until I can access the general ledger program. 

It looks like I will have to take the laptop down to BEST BUY and consult a Geek.  Can anyone out there provide any guidance?

As for the GD extensions, they keep coming, and at least four more are expected (hopefully) before the October 15th deadline.  I have one previous “red file” that I can now complete, and one recently received which was just “red-filed”.  I am pleased with my progress on the GDEs this year – although there were still too many.

So there you have it.

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