Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Here it is – the first BUZZ of 2012!

The January issue of LOIS should be up by the end of the week.  I know you are waiting for it – and will let you know when it is available.

+ Check out the discussion on “Measuring the Success of Tax Preparer Regulation” at my THE TAX PROFESSIONAL blog.

+ And the first installment of my 2012 tax season Tax Tip column at MAINSTREET.COM – “How to Start 2012 the Right Way”.

+ And finally, check out THE MISSOURI TAXGUY’s “Store” page.  There is an entire section of items “From Robert F”!

+ The votes are in – and Russ Fox has announced the “winner” of the coveted “2011 Tax Offender of the Year”.

My candidate won this year! 

This year’s winner has a proud history; indeed, without them we likely wouldn’t be here. I’m talking about the United States Congress, who have moved up from being runner-up the past two years. Congress, especially the Senate, has forsook its duties.”

As Russ observes –

Albert Einstein stated that, ‘The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax,’ and that was over 60 years ago! The situation today is far, far worse and the blame is squarely with Congress.”

I wonder who will accept for the idiots in Congress?

+ Joe Kristan did his tax-year-in-review at GOING CONCERN - "The Year in Taxes: Sleepwalking Through 2011“.

+ Also following my lead, Trish McIntire posted her tax-year-in-review at "OUR TAXING TIMES”.– “2011-The Review"

+ William Perez looks forward instead of back and talks about “the key tax issues that we'll be dealing with this year” in “2012: A Preview of the New Tax Year” at ABOUT.COM-TAX PLANNING: US.

+ Bill also looked back at 2011 in “2011 YEAR IN REVIEW”.

+ Robert W Wood, blogging colleague of Peter J Reilly and Kelly Philips Erb at FORBES.COM, suggests some good “Taxing New Year's Resolutions”.

+ Jason T. Dinesen, E.A. tells us “Win a Home on TV, Find a Tax Collector in the Attic” as he begins a series of posts on the tax consequences of winning a home in a giveaway at THE DINESEN TAX TIMES.

+ Kay Bell started out the new year with “Tax Carnival #94: Happy New Tax Year”.  It includes my 2011 tax year in review post.

+ Back to Joe Kristan, who quotes an interesting observation from Clive Crook at the Atlantic in his post “The Rich Guy Won't Be Buying in 2012 Either”.

The awkward truth is that the U.S. income tax system is anomalous not because it taxes the rich lightly but because it taxes everybody else lightly.”

+ And let me end by wishing happy anniversary to Trish McIntire of OUR TAXING TIMES.  She opened her tax business 9 years ago yesterday! 

Trish – you got a while to go to catch up to me.  Continued good luck with the practice and the blog. 


There is a line in the musical GYPSY that says if a vaudeville act plays burlesque their career is over.

The same can be said for actors, musicians, singers, athletes (who once evidenced actual talent) who appear on reality tv shows (I am NOT talking about DANCING WITH THE STARS).

Take for example the latest piece of excrement titled CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP.  You have got to be really desperate for attention and exposure, and unable to get work elsewhere, to appear on such crap.  To be honest, I have never heard of most of the “swappers” anyway.

I dare anyone to name a once legitimate actor, actress, or performer whose career improved, or respect within the industry did not diminish, after appearing on a reality tv nonsense. 

When will the great unwashed masses finally get tired of this shit? 


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Tom said...

Majority of actors, sports stars, etc. today have no class and they don't respect people or traditions and I won't bother to go into details of why either.

Greed is running rampant though out this country and eliminating all common sense in all areas, public and private...

Excuse me now why I go watch Casablanca...