Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Not much BUZZ today.

+ Check out the January issue of LOIS.  

+ This week’s Tax Tip column at MAINSTREET.COM (by me) is “Why You Should Make Your IRA Contribution Now”.

+ Go to the MISSOURI TAXGUY blog and look for my Robert F page at the “Store”.

+ The CLASS 5 TAX BLOG casts its vote for “The Most Misunderstood Question on the Tax Return”.

Actually it is not a question – but a check-off.  It is the box where you can check to have $3.00 ($6.00 on a joint return) of your tax liability to go to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.  As the box explains – “Checking a box below will not change your tax or refund”.

Thinking back, I do not recall anyone of my, or my mentor’s, clients ever checking the box.  And, to be honest, I have never checked it myself.  Perhaps I should consider doing so this year.

+ FYI – per CNN MONEY “Average Tax Refund Slips to $2,913 in 2011”.

+ Let the customer beware!  CBS news in Richmond VA warns “Walmart's ‘Free’ Offer Could Come With a Price”.

Since the free tax preparation offer at Walmart stores involves using either the H+R Block or Jackson Hewitt fast food chain (depending on the store) you should definitely not have your tax return prepared at Walmart!


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