Saturday, January 21, 2012


+ Check out the January issue of LOIS.  

+ This week’s TAX TIP installment at MAINSTREET.COM (by me) is “What’s New for the 2011 Form 1040?”.       

+ Go to the MISSOURI TAXGUY blog and look for my Robert F page at the “Store”.

+ Many states are no longer mailing out Form 1099-G to refund recipients.  You have to go online and download a copy.  The MISSOURI TAXGUY tells us this is the case in his home state in “The Missouri 1099-G in 2012”.

This is also true for New Jersey and New York.  Click here to download a Form 1099-G for New Jersey.  The NY online system is not available yet.  

+ Speaking of NJCHANNEL NINE reports on the governor’s State of the State Address and tells us “Christie Calls For 10 Percent Income Tax Cut”.

+ Elsewhere, according to the WASHINGTON POST, “Governor O’Malley’s Budget Raises Taxes on Maryland’s High-Earners”.

+ Although Trish referenced this correction in a comment, I thought I would provide it here as well – “RAL Bounce – Edited”. 

+ Howard Gleckman reminds us that “Congress Is Back, And So Are Its Battles Over Tax And Budget Policy” in BUSINESS IN THE BELTWAY over at

The least popular Congress in memory is back.  I, personally, am thrilled.

After a year in which lawmakers did almost nothing besides (barely) keeping the government running, this session promises hardly more.  Tax policy will be at the center of much of the partisan squabbling, but it is hard to imagine Congress achieving more than a temporary truce in its ongoing battle over last year’s unfinished business.”

+ Joe Kristan introduces us to a new Iowa-based tax blog in “A New Tax Blog Right Here in Town”.  It is the Davis Brown Law Firm’s UPDATES AND ANALYSIS OF TAX LAW.

+ The “Tax Tidbit on Deducting Meals” that Kimberly Kislak posts at KISLAK TAX & NOTARY SERVICE’S BLOG involves the standard meal and snack rates for 2011 and 2012 for day care providers.

+ Don’t forget to check out my TAXPRO BUZZ over at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL.


Henry and Richard’s advertising slogan – “Don’t Settle For Less” – is confusing.  It is as if they are telling you not to go to H+R Block to prepare your tax return.  H+R will certainly provide less service, less quality, and less value for your buck.  The only thing that will not be “less” is the cost.  Maybe that is what they mean.   


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