Thursday, March 1, 2012


One month down, one and a half to go!

The season is going smoothly so far – and I think I am a bit ahead of where I usually am at this time, thanks to a delay in my “Freehold Day”, after which the one week or more turnaround begins.

I have been extremely pleased that most brokerages have gone beyond the letter of the law and are reporting all cost bases for which they have the information on the 1099Bs.  And I have seen separate listings, with sub-total for sales with basis and sales without basis to facilitate the multiple Form 8949 filings.  I had my first “cut and paste” job (multiple pages of sales – too many to list separately on the 8949), and it was not a problem at all.  The huge cut and paste jobs are yet to come – and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The new format of the Schedule E was a PITA at first – I saw no need to change the format – but I am getting used to it.

I have been rising at 5AM or earlier each morning and stopping at between 5 and 6 PM each evening – as soon as I am at a good stopping point.  My answering machine (which is my secretary for screening calls) is on from at least 9AM to 5PM.  I rarely return calls – so if at first you don’t succeed, try again until you get me.

Of course I am LOCKED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS every Wednesday – and the phone is off all day.  I have already extended that to Thursday and Friday one week – and may do so another week soon.

Back to work!


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