Friday, May 25, 2012


Sorry for the lack of non-BUZZ posts these past weeks – but I have been busy learning QuickBooks (via a 2-day class) and setting up my own and various client companies on the system, dealing with client and IRS/NJDOT correspondence, and trying to catch up on other non-GDE tax stuff.
This week-end (Friday thru Sunday) I will be working away on the NJ Property Tax Reimbursement applications (even though the June 1st deadline is always extended each year, I do not want to rely on the State of New Jersey being consistent) and work on the GD extensions for which I have all the necessary information to complete (I want all such GDEs completed and in the mail by the end of May). 
Monday I will take time off to watch the 12-hour PERRY MASON marathon on the HALLMARK MOVIE CHANNEL.
So again – no time for posting.
During the last days of May I will be posting a series of “summer-reruns” of summer-related posts, with updates as appropriate.
The Memorial Day week-end has always been the “official” start of summer.  One would rent a summer house or cabin from Memorial Day through Labor Day (as I did with high school and college friends for several years in the mid-1970s – each year the house getting bigger).  And television’s summer rerun season is already in its second or third week.
I will continue to post the twice-weekly BUZZ.

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