Tuesday, July 10, 2012


After publishing my post on the first day of NATP’s National Conference in Baltimore I realized that I forgot to include my pet peeve with NATP (although NATP is certainly not the only offender – it is a common complaint) when announcing the lodging facilities of conference, workshops, and seminars.

NATP, and just about every other provider, will tell you in its publicity that the event or activity will be held at the High End Hotel in Hottown, and that the special event or activity room rate is, let’s say, $149 per night.

This is a lie!  You will not pay $149 per night for your room.  After adding in various state and local taxes and other charges, different for each location, you will actually pay over $170 per night.  Plus, if you drive, as was an option for me for the Baltimore location, you will pay perhaps an additional $10-$18 for parking at the hotel.

Please, please, please – when announcing the “special room rate” give the true rate, with all taxes and additional charges included.


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playscrabble.net said...

That's true! I hate such kind of surprises. Pepople plan on their budget and count all the possible expenditures. Wrong information about the dwelling costs can ruin their plans. Thanks for warning!