Friday, July 6, 2012


I apologize for the lack of non-BUZZ posts lately – but I have been distracted.

FYI – I am moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania (as I have been “threatening” to do for the past couple of years)!  This move will reduce my annual living expenses by about $12,000!

Moving will not affect my 1040 practice.  Instead of mailing their “stuff” to my mail drop in NJ next season clients will mail their “stuff” to a mail drop in PA. 

I have purchased a condo – and will close in mid-July.  I should be fully moved by mid-August.

And this year I will be attending the annual National Conference and Expo of the National Association of Tax Professionals to be held nearby in Baltimore MD from July 9-12 (leaving this Sunday).  I will be posting here, and also at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL, daily from Baltimore during the conference next week – sharing tax info and tax developments learned, and reminded of, at the various educational sessions.

When I return from Baltimore my attention will be taken up by my move – and posts will continue to be sparse.  I will try to maintain the twice-weekly BUZZ schedule.  There will be a regular Saturday BUZZ installment tomorrow.

Once I have settled in – by the end of the summer – I hope to return to regular posting at both blogs.

“Talk” to you from Baltimore next week!



Peter Reilly said...

I'm brokern hearted. You were one of my connections to the Garden State, where I grew up. LOL

Good luck.

Robert D Flach said...


I will still maintain connections to the "Garden State" via business and 1040 clients.

And I will still continue the NJ TAX PRACTICE BLOG.


John Sheeley said...

Dude, if you moved and didn't mention it, would any of your clients notice?

Robert D Flach said...


Some would - although about 75% of my 1040 clients mail me their "stuff" each year.

Actually - between you and me -there are some clients I am not telling where I moved - just telling them I have retired.