Wednesday, September 19, 2012


* My post “What To Do” was Monday’s featured post at the ACCOUNTINGBLOG.ORG Facebook page!   

* And it was apparently the inspiration for “Locking in Long-Term Gains at the Zero Rate” by William Perez at ABOUT.COM TAXPLANNING:US.

* Bill also suggests that higher-income taxpayers “Avoid the Medicare Surtax by Giving Incoming-Producing Investments to Minor Children”.

He reminds us that -

Starting in 2013, the unearned income Medicare contribution tax applies an additional tax of 3.8% to investment income such as dividends and interest if adjusted gross income exceeds $200,000 for unmarried persons or exceeds $250,000 for married persons.”

* Tax pros – have you read "My Letter to Carol Campbell" at my THE TAX PROFESSIONAL blog?

What is your take on what I wrote about?

* Jason Dinesen responds to two of my recommendations to Ms Campbell in “RTRPs, CPAs, Attorneys and Grandfathering”.

“I am open to Robert Flach’s idea of grandfathering unlicensed tax preparers such as himself, who can demonstrate a certain amount of experience and a certain amount of continuing education.

I am not open to the idea of requiring a CPA or an attorney to take the RTRP exam.”  

I reply in “Let The Debate Begin”.

* Kay Bell, a veteran blogger, gives us “10 Easy Tax Deductions for Bloggers and Other Online Businesses” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

* Last month I apparently missed a meaty post by Chad Bordeaux telling how to “Keep Track of Your Basis” at the blog formerly known as BEANCOUNTER RAMBLINGS.

* MISSOURI TAXGUY Bruce MacFarland debunks some “Tax Misperceptions – Small Business”.

Pay special attention his comments on the tax myths “Being Incorporated enables you to take more deductions” and “The Home Office deduction is a red flag for an audit”.

And don’t forget to check out his Store.

* “Whatever you’re clever enough to make the government takes away!” So sing the Yacht Club Boys in the 1930s.

Click here to watch this funny YouTube video.

* I am happy to report that my “Tax Blogosphere Buddy” Joe Kristan thinks “Robert D. Flach gets this right” when it comes to the Tax Non-Payer issue.  He says so in his Tuesday Tax Roundup post “47% frenzy! And New Jersey tries to rival Iowa” at the ROTH AND COMPANY TAX UPDATE BLOG.

The roundup covers the issue of the 47% in depth.

BTW Joe - Iowa is a saint compared to New Jersey when it comes to “cronyism” and other forms of corruption.


An invitation for disaster!

During my ride to LBI last week I heard an ad for mortgage refinancing on the radio.  The ad promised “equity or good credit not required”!

Did we learn nothing?

And one more thing . . . .

What an arsehole!

It is preposterous to mention the “rigors” of appearing in a tasteless and useless reality tv piece of excrement like KEEPING UP WITH THE KADASHIANS and the scam wedding that put about $18 Million in slut Kim’s pocket in the same breath as the problems faced by a young women with cancer!

How self-absorbed and deluded can this idiot be to think that anyone with an ounce of intelligence thinks of her and her ilk as anything more than a sick joke?

And shame on the national and international media for treating these fools as if they were actually worth something.


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