Monday, March 25, 2013


As promised in my January client letter – any returns not in my hands as of the end of today (March 25th), with all the information needed to properly complete the return, WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY EXTENDED.
Any packages I receive in the mail from now on will be put in a separate box and extensions for these returns will be submitted to the IRS on April 13th.
From now until April 14th I will be unavailable and inaccessible.  I must become a “1040 machine” and devote 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week to preparing 1040s, with the absolute least amount of interruptions.
My answering machine will be on (from this Thursday on) – but I will only respond to messages with information on a return I am working on or questions about a return I have already prepared.  The machine will be on “silent mode” – so I will not be listening to messages as they come in.  I will review the messages at the end of the day and respond if I consider it appropriate.
Of course I will not respond to “are we there yet” messages, or emails, unless we are actually already “there”, or I have a question in order to be able to get “there”.
It is my goal to end April 14th with no workload-related extensions filed.  Wish me luck!
Thanks for your continued patience.


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