Friday, May 3, 2013


* It appears Rick Telberg of CPA TRENDLINES liked my April 15th TWTP post.

Our favorite email “away message” so far in this post-tax season period came in a poem. Read it here and smile.”

Glad you enjoyed it, Rick.

* Kay Bell, the yellow rose of taxes, tells us “House Bill Would Give IRS Authority to Register Tax Pros” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.  The bill is the Taxpayer Protection and Preparer Fraud Prevention Act of 2013.

I provide my response to this new development in “Congress Gets Into The Act” at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL.

* Jason Dinesen of DINESEN TAX TIMES alerts us to “Another Example of a Tax Scam E-Mail”.

You should always remember that, as Jason explains – “the IRS never corresponds with taxpayers by e-mail”.

* Over at OUR TAXING TIMES Trish McIntire uncovers a little know, and little taken advantage of, penalty abatement – the “First Time Penalty Abatement”.

* Trish is also the new Category Expert Writer on Tax for ANSWER.COM. Her first article discusses “Taxpayer Responsibility”.

She correctly answers an important question in the piece (highlight is mine) -

How does responsibility change when a tax preparer or tax software is used?

Responsibility doesn't change. A tax pro or tax software can help with the actual preparation of the return, answer your questions or back you in an audit. However, the taxpayer is still responsible for that return. Even if the problem is caused by the tax preparer {or the tax software – rdf} and not you.”

* Emily Guy Birken explains “How Your Benefits Will Be Affected if You Work Part-Time in Retirement” at MONEYNING .

* And Teri Cettina offers some good advice in “Credit 101: Be Careful Lending Money to Family and Friends” at the EQUIFAX.COM FINANCE BLOG.
The best way to be careful - don't do it!


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