Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I trust you had a “successful” Memorial Day Week-End.  While I did work on a GD extension in the morning on Monday (which ended up a "red file"), I took some time off in the afternoon for a leisurely lunch with friends from NJ in Milford. 
* A “blast from the past” from MAINSTREET.COM that is still applicable – “How to Take a Tax-Deductible Vacation”.  I think you will recognize the author.

* Trish McIntire writes on “Planning for Your Taxes” in her capacity as resident tax expert at ANSWERS.COM.

* EA Jamaal Solomon has begun a weekly series titled “Diary of a Young Tax Accountant: My Long Journey to Become a Successful Entrepreneur” at TAX FACTOR.

Jamaal and I will be working together this summer on a discussion of top issues facing young and seasoned tax professionals and are considering discussions of specific tax issues from a young and seasoned point of view.

* Better late than never.  USA TODAY reports that 7 months later “Tax Relief Proposed for Victims of Hurricane Sandy”,

The article tells us “possible congressional action to help Oklahoma tornado victims could provide the lawmakers with a legislative vehicle”.

* A reminder from Jean Murray that in many cases “Farmer's Market, Flea Market Booths Must Pay Taxes” at ABOUT.COM.

* For those of you who are interested – click here to download the Amicus brief supporting Loving v. IRS plaintiffs filed by fellow tax bloggers including Joe Kristan, Russ Fox, and Jason Dinesen.

* Ron of THE WISDOM JOURNAL lists “25 Shocking Statistics About Personal Finance in the US”.  

* Professor Annette Nellen suggests a unique plan for “Modernizing Retirement Plans and Savings” at 21st CENTURY TAXATION.

Her plan could be used to provide the benefit of the “Saver’s Credit” currently distributed through the Tax Code (instead of, as she suggests, having low income individuals’ retirement contributions be paid via the Earned Income Credit). 

What do you think of her idea?   

The Final Word-

The TODAY SHOW hosted a tribute show to the Jersey shore – celebrating the beginning of summer at the shore – on Friday.  The show highlighted the recovery of the shore from the devastation of SANDY.

For the most part it was a good show.  However the TODAY SHOW insulted the State of New Jersey by including cast members of MTV’s steaming pile of excrement known as THE JERSEY SHORE on the tribute show and providing acknowledgment and credibility to this worthless piece of garbage.  These brain dead self-absorbed sluts and skanks did not belong on a show highlighting the best of the Jersey shore. 

THE TODAY SHOW owes an apology to the residents of the State of New Jersey for this inexcusable action!


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