Friday, September 6, 2013


I just received the following email (highlights are mine) -
The New Jersey Division of Taxation will begin mailing the 2012 Homestead Benefit applications to eligible homeowners in early October. You indicated on your 2011 Homestead Benefit application that you preferred to receive your 2012 application by E-mail instead of receiving a paper application packet in the U.S. mail.
You will receive this E-mail on or about October 9, 2013 which will contain a link to file the application from the Division of Taxation’s website.
If you do not receive an E-mail from the NJ Division of Taxation containing the filing information for your 2012 Homestead Benefit application by the end of October 2013, please contact the Division of Taxation’s Customer Service Center at 1-888-238-1233.
The application is due by November 22, 2013.”
And while at the NJDOT website this morning I found the following warning (the highlight is theirs) -
The Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services is alerting all New Jersey businesses to be aware of mailings concerning an ‘Annual Corporate Records Form’.  A private company is sending the mailings, which solicit a fee of $125 in return for the recording of corporate shareholders, directors and officers.  Business should be aware that the State of New Jersey does not require this form to be filed. Businesses should not be confused by the official appearance of the mailings. They are not connected with the State of New Jersey’s business entity annual report process, and the State has no affiliation with the sender.

New Jersey businesses that receive the mailing may report this by:
1.   Filing a complaint with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, PO Box 45025, Newark, NJ 07101.
Visit to download a complaint form; or
2.   Contacting the United States Postal Inspections Service to report mail fraud at: (877) 876-2455 or
Corporate officers and business representatives who have questions about these mailings and the legal requirements to submit corporate annual reports to the State of New Jersey should contact the Division’s Hotline at 609-292-9292.”
I seem to recall receiving a similar solicitation in the mail a while back for my PA corporation.  I threw it in the trash.  

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Anonymous said...

The first email that was from the Division of Taxation was legitimate. Did you know if a taxpayer adds his email address on the Homestead Rebate Application, then the State will automatically send the application for the following year via email?
I found out the hard way - when we never saw our 2010 application which was emailed - and probably went to spam. Now we are in appeal to get our 2010 Homestead Rebate. It doesn't look good though.