Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I just discovered that the NJ Division of Taxation has extended the deadline for filing an application for the NJ Homestead Benefit from November 22nd to December 31, 2013.
According to State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff -
At this point, the Division has received just about half the total number of applications it expects will be filed for calendar year 2012 and it is unlikely that all eligible filers will meet the November 22 deadline.”  By extending the application deadline to December 31, we will give those who might have missed out the chance to apply and receive their benefit in 2014.”
To be eligible for a benefit for calendar year 2012, you must be a New Jersey resident who owned a principal residence on October 1, 2012, and paid property taxes on that home. You must also have reported $75,000 or less in New Jersey gross income for 2012 or, if you were disabled or age 65 or older on December 31, 2012, you must have reported gross income for 2012 of $150,000 or less.
For more information on the Homestead Benefit Program, or if you did not receive an application packet in the mail,  homeowners may call the Division of Taxation’s Homestead Benefit Hotline at 18882381233 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Homestead benefit information is also available on the Division’s website.
The benefit is now distributed as a credit on a quarterly real estate tax billing from your municipality – as it should be.  Checks are only issued if you have sold, or are planning to sell, your home.

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