Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I learned from TAXPRO on Monday evening that “Obama IRS Nominee Koskinen Approved”.

So John Koskinen, who the article described as “a 74-year-old multimillionaire”, is the new head of the Internal Revenue Service.

The article also identified Kiskinen as -

“. . . a former chairman of U.S.-owned mortgage financier Freddie Mac with no experience in tax administration. . .”

And -

“. . . an executive who has built his reputation on turning around troubled enterprises. . .”

And tells us he -

“. . . has been city administrator of Washington, D.C., president of a corporate turnaround firm and leader of the federal government’s preparations for the year 2000. . .”

While I have no reason to oppose this appointment, Koskien would not have been my choice to full the spot.  My concerns lie in the fact that he is “a 74-year-old multimillionaire” with “no experience in tax administration”.

It would have been nice if the IRS Commissioner had some kind of experience in tax administration and tax preparation on his resume. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a person who had actually prepared tax returns for a living in the position?  As long as, unlike a one-time number two man at the IRS, he/she had no ties to Henry and Richard or any other fast-food tax preparation chain.   

While 74 is not too old to be effective, I would have preferred a younger person.  And one who is actually dependent on his job to make a living, and therefore financially motivated to do a good and effective job.

I am thankful that he has experience in government agency administration, and “has built his reputation on turning around troubled enterprises. . .”.  The IRS is currently truly a “troubled enterprise”.

Only time will tell whether or not he will be an effective IRS Commissioner.

I have sent him a letter explaining what I think the IRS should do about the death of the mandatory RTRP regulation regime, as per my TAXPRO TODAY editorial “What the IRS Should Do About the RTRP”, and am waiting to see if and how he responds.  I will let you know if I get a reply.



Anonymous said...

So tell us how you feel about a 77-year-old with no international church administration experience.

Robert D Flach said...


An odd comment.

I have no opinion about the Pope. He does not affect me at all.

Besides, the Pope is a figurehead. I doubt he does any actual church administration.