Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Just because a tax professional is proficient, or even an expert, in preparing federal and state individual income tax returns, which are government forms, does not mean that he/she knows his/her arse from a hole in the ground about properly preparing any other type of government report, form, or application.

I prepare 1040s, 1040As, and certain state income tax returns.  I have experience, knowledge, and expertise with these returns. 

I do not prepare mortgage or loan applications (government or otherwise), census forms, college financial aid applications, FBAR filings (unless part of a Form 1040), state prescription drug or utility discount or property tax assistance program applications, or any other such forms, reports, or applications. 

I have absolutely no experience, knowledge or expertise with any of these forms, reports, or applications.  And, to be perfectly honest, I do not want any experience, knowledge, or expertise with any of them.  I just do not want to prepare them.  I have enough to do just keeping up-to-date on 1040 preparation.  

The most I can do is provide a client with any needed income information from their tax return.

It is not that I do not want to help my clients.  I just do not know any more about these forms, reports, or applications (probably actually less) than they do.

Please do not ask, or expect, your tax professional to fill out these forms for you.

Some tax professionals do actually have experience, knowledge, and expertise with, and also prepare, some of these types of forms - for example college financial aid applications - for a fee.  If they do I expect they will let you know.  Or you can find out by asking your tax pro if he/she knows of anyone who can help with these other government forms.



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