Friday, January 10, 2014


I was without a computer from last Friday through Monday afternoon.  Like a NJ politician, my Windows program was “corrupted”.  Hence the lateness of this BUZZ installment.  My web “wanderings” were also limited – so I might have missed some good “stuff”.

FYI, my check for January health insurance coverage under Obamacare has been cashed, but I have not received any insurance card or other coverage information from the provider. 

* My tax season Tax Tips series has begun at the TAX CENTER over at  So far my tips have included –

       ·         Your Small Assignment for Today

·         Starting the Year Off Right

* It appears that John Koskinen actually read my letter!  ACCOUNTING TODAY reports that “IRS’s New Commissioner Favors Voluntary Tax Preparer Certification” -

The newly approved commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, John Koskinen, said Monday that he would support voluntary certification for tax preparers if the Internal Revenue Service fails to win an appeal of a judge’s decision striking down the IRS’s Registered Tax Return Preparer regulatory regime.”

It is more likely “when” the IRS fails to win an appeal.

I first suggested this in my editorial “What the IRS Should Do About the RTRP” at TAXPRO TODAY.  I also sent a letter to Mr Koskinen recommending this once his appointment was approved.

I am curious to see if he just makes the previous RTRP requirements voluntary, or creates the 2-tiered program that encompasses the EA designation as I proposed.

* Kay Bell brings us “Tax Carnival #124: Happy New Tax Year 2014” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

* William Perez of ABOUT.COM provides links to “Resources for Preparing and Filing Form W-2 for Small Businesses”.

* And Russ Fox reminds us that it is “1099 Time” at TAXABLE TALK.

* Over at EQUIFAX Tax Mama Eva Rosenberg reviews “What You Need to Know About the Child Tax Credit”.
* Jim Blankenship explains the “Types of Annuities” at GETTING YOUR FINANCIAL DUCKS IN A ROW.

* CCH has published a Tax Briefing on “2013 Tax Year In Review”.  Click here to download.

* Jeffrey Levine and Jared Trexler list “3 Tips for Tax Time Preparation” at THE SLOTT REPORT.  And 3 excellent tips they are!


The donkey, or “ass”, should not be the “mascot” of only one of the political parties.  Our elected officials of both parties, at least in Washington, are truly all asses.

However I prefer to use a very different definition of the word “ass” in describing the Congresscritters, considering the multitude of excrement they spew regularly.

And, after thinking about it, the donkey and elephant are really not appropriate “mascots” for the members of Congress.  Historically the donkey and the elephant have been very hard working animals – true beasts of burden.  One can hardly “accuse” the members of Congress of doing any real work.  And it is the American citizen/taxpayer who must suffer the burden of their inaction and incompetence.


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