Saturday, March 15, 2014


It has not gotten that bad yet . . .
Only one month to go and I have either completed, received, or heard from all but about a dozen clients (that I expect to attempt to file on time).  The "to be done" boxes are chock-a-block. 
Forget the corn - the pile of 1040s to do is as high as an elephant's eye!
I had at one point cleaned out the "red file" box (need more info), but it has grown again.  I am getting them done as the missing information arrives.
There are 14 returns received in February that must be done before I begin on packages received in March.  I expect to have these completed by this time next week (knock on wood).

FYI - I have been locked behind closed doors, and my phone has been unplugged, since this past Wednesday.  This will continue through Monday (SPD).  Historically the office has always been closed on SPD - a carryover from my mentor's practice - although that does not mean I am not working away on 1040s.  Monday will be devoted to Irish clients.

The answering machine will be back on Tuesday - but I will be relatively inaccessible for the rest of the "season" and the machine will truly be for messages only.  You can leave an "our we there yet" message - but it will only be responded to if we are truly there.
To be honest - at this point I cannot guarantee that any returns not in my hands by the end of today will be able to be completed in time for an April 15th deadline - but there is still some hope.  I want to end the "season" with the absolute least amount of GDEs possible. 
Back to work - I will check in with you again with an update at the end of March.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


One month down - one and a half to go!

As I say good-bye to February I have either done, received, or made arrangements with 55% of my client list – a bit ahead of last year. 

I have completed 84 returns, the same number as last year at this time.  So I am not behind on that front.  However that is only an average of 3 per day.  I need to double that average! 

Receipt of tax preparation income is up 39.5% from last year.  The fees have not increased, but some returns cost more this year because of additional work.  That is certainly good (although some of the 2014 is from 2012 GDEs completed in January).

And there are only 7 red-files (need more information).  I have been keeping on top of them - and completing the returns as the information arrives. 

I have 34 packages in the "to be done" box.  None  have been there for more than 10 days – I am doing good at sticking to FIFO.  I will complete these 34 sets of returns, if all info is available, before starting on any packages received in March! 

Don't be surprised if I add some additional "locked behind closed doors" days - or even a full week - before mid-March to the regular LBCD Wednesdays (don’t call me on a Wednesday – you won’t get an answer). 

All in all – so far so good.

OK - now back to work!