Tuesday, April 29, 2014


* Over at MARKETWATCH.COM Robert Klein (no, not that Robert Klein) reviews the 2013 tax season and tells us that the “Wealthy Paid 13% More Tax on Same Income”.

Robert’s piece clearly underscores the fact that (highlight is his) “it's no secret that high-income households have historically paid more than their fair share of income tax relative to their numbers” - even more so for 2013.

We should not punish entrepreneurship, ambition, and success.  And we should not disproportionately tax the “wealthy” merely because they can afford it.
* Steven J. Fromm of the PHILADELPHIA ESTATE AND TAX ATTOREY BLOG provides a primer on “Estate Planning: Now What? A Must Read For Everyone”.  Despite the arrogance of the title, it does appear to be a must read.

* Over at JD SUPRA BUSINESS ADVISOR Jessica Catlow contemplates “The Independent Contractor: To Be or Not to Be”.

The opening sentence of her piece is important to remember -

Just because an employer calls someone an independent contractor does not make him or her so.”

* You can check the status of your current year’s tax refund online at the IRS website.  Did you know you can also check on a refund requested on an amended return?

The IRS “Where’s My Amended Return?” tool allows you to check the status of Form 1040X Amended Tax Return for the current year and up to three prior years.

* And did you know that each week tax information publisher CCH provides a “Weekly Report from Washington, D.C” on the tax-related developments for the week from Congress, the White House, the Treasury Department, and the IRS?  It is part of the publisher’s week-day daily Tax Headlines email newsletter.

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* The TAX WARRIOR CHRONICLES from Drucker & Scaccetti review the “Tax Aspects of Caring for An Elderly Individual”.


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