Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The purpose of a voluntary tax preparer credential is NOT to be able to more closely “regulate” tax preparers – as it appears is all the IRS really wants to do. 

The IRS already maintains a database of “approved” tax return preparers via the PTIN requirement, and has in place a system of preparer penalties to “punish” naughty preparers. 

The purpose of a voluntary tax preparer credential, whether administered by the IRS or an independent industry-based organization, is to identify to the taxpayer public tax preparers who have proven competence and currency in 1040 preparation via testing and mandatory annual CPE in federal taxation.

The purpose of the IRS-administered Enrolled Agent (EA) program is to qualify non-CPAs and non-attorneys to “practice” before all levels of the Internal Revenue Service.  It has the side benefit of identifying competent and current 1040 preparers.



Unknown said...

I know what it is for, it is just maddening...
If you want to regulate or provide competency in the preparation of return preparation, then it needs to be set for Every Person, not just those with the illustration that they got it.

I wish I could disclose my CPA clients who have their own firms who knowingly and honestly admit they know nothing about tax prep and have me do their returns.

Again, you want to show competency, Fix the/a program designed for all who do this work, regardless of any other Designation...

They want to stop fraudulent returns, and yet when you hear about such things on the news or read about them in the news, It is 98% an CPA who committed the Violation.

Robert D Flach said...


You are preaching to the choir.

Amen, my brother!