Tuesday, July 1, 2014


* I explain “IRS Announces Voluntary Certification Program for Tax Preparers”  at MAINSTREET.COM, and bring my message that “There Are So Many Things Wrong with the Annual Filing Season Program” to the readers of TAXPRO TODAY.

* TaxGirl Kelly Philips Erb deals the new IRS voluntary “certification” program in “IRS Announces New Tax Preparer Program To Mixed Reactions” at FORBES.COM.

Kelly acknowledges, but misinterprets, my objection to the new program as announced.  Be sure to see my comment to the post.

* Jason Dinesen explains “I Can’t Do Much to Help You Once the Transaction Is Completed”.  Nor can any tax professional. 

He correctly points out (the highlight is his) –

Your accountant is not a magician. If you do something without asking for advice beforehand, and you end up with a big tax bill, and your accountant says there’s nothing that can be done … your accountant is saying that BECAUSE IT’S TRUE, NOT BECAUSE HE’S AN IDIOT.”.

Just because you do not like what your tax pro tells you does not mean that it is wrong.  And just because you find someone who agrees with you does not mean that it is right.

* A tweet from Bruce MacFarland led me to the video of Jon Stewart’s piece “IRS - Straight Outta Incompetence” from THE DAILY SHOW.

* Trish McIntire gives us an “Overview of Injured and Innocent Spouse Programs” at ANSWERS.COM.

* Mark Yates of YATES AND COMPANY, CPAs provides some “Tips for Taxpayers Who Travel for Charity Work


Part 1:

Yesterday morning while having breakfast at a local diner I came across an excerpt from a review by Richard Roeper of the latest Adam Sandler movie, which apparently is still in some theatres, in the Scranton paper.

Here is what RR said about the movie –

A clichéd, cynical, occasionally offensive, pandering, idiotic film that redefines shameless.”

Hey – that describes just about every Adam Sandler movie!

Part II:

Pamela Anderson is now 47 – years old, that it.


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